Enter to win the first piece of fiction to come out of North Korea

House of Anansi Books on North Korea

In 1989, a North Korean dissident writer, known to us only by the pseudonym Bandi, began to write a series of stories about life under Kim Il-sung’s totalitarian regime. Smuggled out of North Korea and set for publication around the world in 2017, The Accusation provides a unique and shocking window into this most secretive of countries.

The Accusation by Bandi is forthcoming within Canada from House of Anansi on March 4th, 2017 — but enter our contest now for your chance to win a copy early (and be one of the first people in Canada with the book)!

Also included in this contest is All Monsters Must Die by Magnus Bärtås and Fredrik Ekman’s bizarre and heavily guided tour of North Korea, Specimen by Irina Kovalyova, which includes a novella titled “The Blood Keeper” in which a young academic travels to North Korea to work on her dissertation and embarks on a dangerous affair.

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