Q&A: Emma Healey

  The first instalment of The Anansi Poetry Project is here! We chatted with Toronto poet and author of Stereoblind, Emma Healey, to learn more about her creative process, the poets who inspire her work, and, of course, what she’s up to next.   The title of your collection is very intriguing: Stereoblind. What’s the meaning … Read More

The Sparrow by A.F. Moritz

An Excerpt from The Sparrow by A.F. Moritz

Death of a Sparrow From The Sparrow by A.F. Moritz The twisting dance of the sparrow, delicate agony, as it tried to bite its wounded shoulder: circular flurries, brief trembling flights and fallen landings — then the wait, panting, a new try for a low perch, a try that fails and the contortion of brown feathers falls back down … Read More

  Poets have a unique way of looking at and writing about the world around them. They can make us see things that we otherwise may not see. They can make us understand things that are abstract or difficult. They give words, form, and shape to feelings we all share. Throughout National Poetry Month and … Read More

Unstable Neighbourhood Rabbit by Mikko Harvey

An Excerpt from Unstable Neighbourhood Rabbit by Mikko Harvey

Vial From Unstable Neighbourhood Rabbit by Mikko Harvey I was having blood drawn again, undergoing testing for my mysterious ailment. The phlebotomist and I inhabited the usual mix of small talk and silence — ​ then she giggled. What is it? I said.      It’s just, isn’t this strange? she said, holding up a vial of my blood. … Read More

Stereoblind by Emma Healey

An Excerpt from Stereoblind by Emma Healey

Esper From Stereoblind by Emma Healey In this scene it’s night, like always. Our hero stares down at a handful of old photographs, picks at the keyboard, maybe dreams about a unicorn, etc. Around her, broken lamps, spent pens, piles of small crystals, pill jars, camera lenses, unlit candles, notebook paper, half-wound tapes, full ashtrays, record sleeves, … Read More

Laura Brady

Laura Brady joins Anansi as Manager, Cross-Media Department

House of Anansi Press is pleased to announce that Laura Brady is joining the company as Manager, Cross-Media Department. After a successful twenty-year career as a typesetter, project manager, and ebook developer, Laura will sunset her company, Brady Type, to move in-house to Anansi. Laura will continue her role on the ebookcraft steering committee and … Read More

Tanya Talaga wins the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize for Seven Fallen Feathers

Shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction, a Globe And Mail Top 100 Book, and a National Post 99 Best Book Of The Year… and now Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga is the winner of the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize! “I am probably one of the only people who won this … Read More

Seven Fallen Feathers Weston Prize

Seven Fallen Feathers Shortlisted for the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize

It’s been a pretty good start to the new year for Tanya Talaga — in addition to making longlist for the 2018 CBC Canada Reads, she’s now been announced as a finalist for the 2018 RBC Charles Taylor Prize! The RBC Taylor Prize “commemorates Charles Taylor’s pursuit of excellence in the field of literary non-fiction. … Read More

House Of Anansi New Releases

New Releases from Anansi for February 2018

New month, new books! We’ve got four new titles coming out this month, check them all out below: Channel of Peace by Kevin Tuerff Available February 6 When Kevin Tuerff and his partner boarded their flight from France to New York City on September 11, 2001, they had no idea that a few hours later … Read More