Elizabeth Renzetti on her mother, Mildred

  In honour of Karen von Hahn’s beautiful memoir, What Remains, which examines her relationship to her mother through the lens of the objects they both loved, I’ve been thinking about the things that tie me to my mother, Mildred. She is a singularly important person in my life, a companion and inspiration, who is … Read More

Remembering Charles Russell

    We at Anansi are deeply saddened by the passing of Charlie Russell, a beloved Canadian naturalist, photographer, author, and friend. Son of the renowned conservationist Andy Russell, Charlie was raised in the foothills of Alberta, where he developed an early and profound appreciation for the natural world and, more significantly, bears. Last year, … Read More

A Reflection on Motherhood: Monia Mazigh

    In primary school, in preparation for Mother’s Day, our teachers used to help us work on a craft or a drawing to give to our mothers. That was how we celebrated Mother’s Day. We didn’t go for brunch, buy expensive gifts, or plan a day at the spa. But those handmade crafts meant … Read More

Eva Crocker shares a story about her mother, Lisa Moore

    When I was five years old, my mom gave me a hardcover journal with eight entries already filled in. All the entries are accompanied by a photo taken with a disposable camera. The first seven are blocks of text, printed on a dot matrix printer, then snipped to fit the page and glued … Read More

Thoughts on Motherhood: Karen von Hahn

    I don’t think there’s a heavier, more loaded word in the English language than “mother.” It’s been precisely a year since my memoir about my late mother, What Remains: Object Lessons in Love and Loss, was published. I know this because the book came out just before last Mother’s Day, and this year, … Read More

2018 CBC Massey Lectures

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Toronto – Friday, April 27 Toronto Star investigative journalist Tanya Talaga to deliver 2018 CBC Massey Lectures     Toronto Star investigative journalist and bestselling author Tanya Talaga will deliver the 2018 CBC Massey Lectures.  Her lectures, entitled All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward, are based on her reporting as the 2017-2018 … Read More

Mikko Harvey’s Unstable Neighbourhood Rabbit: A Photo Story

  No single term can contain Mikko Harvey’s delightful, cheeky, absurdist, inimitable debut collection, Unstable Neighbourhood Rabbit. Without the perfect word, we turned to images, and asked Mikko to create a photo story of things that inspired him while writing. The result is a collection of photos that take us from the MacDowell Colony, to … Read More

What Does it Mean to be a Poet in 2018?

  By A. F. Moritz   Poetry is useful, in fact crucial, in its uselessness. In 2018, everything is spoiled, betrayed, ruined, even annihilated, by being useful. By being submitted to use, things are destroyed in their physical reality and, above all, in humans’ dominant conception of them. And under this regime, the humans themselves … Read More

Q&A: Emma Healey

  The first instalment of The Anansi Poetry Project is here! We chatted with Toronto poet and author of Stereoblind, Emma Healey, to learn more about her creative process, the poets who inspire her work, and, of course, what she’s up to next.   The title of your collection is very intriguing: Stereoblind. What’s the meaning … Read More

The Sparrow by A.F. Moritz

An Excerpt from The Sparrow by A.F. Moritz

Death of a Sparrow From The Sparrow by A.F. Moritz The twisting dance of the sparrow, delicate agony, as it tried to bite its wounded shoulder: circular flurries, brief trembling flights and fallen landings — then the wait, panting, a new try for a low perch, a try that fails and the contortion of brown feathers falls back down … Read More

  Poets have a unique way of looking at and writing about the world around them. They can make us see things that we otherwise may not see. They can make us understand things that are abstract or difficult. They give words, form, and shape to feelings we all share. Throughout National Poetry Month and … Read More